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Gas Sampling Probe

All Analysers to perform well, requires properly conditioned sample i.e. sample free from Dust ,Moisture and other physical impurities. The First and most important task is filtration of dust particles. It is done in multiple stages as per the requirement of system / Application. HF 10/PROBE-4 is designed for use as a primary filter for continuous monitoring / measuring of various gases. It is most used for continuous Emmission , Flue Gas of Cement / Power Plant and in Process plant for use with on line Gas Analyzers.

Application : For dusty and moist gases up to 900 Degree C. To prevent any condensation in case gases have due point above Ambient Temp. Probe is provided with Heater to heat the Filter housing up to 180 Degree C.


Special Features : Our Probes are designed for use as a primary filter for continuous monitoring/ measuring various gase Applications For continuous Analysing of FLUE GAS/STACK GAS PARAMETERS Technical specification Process connection: 2.5threaded flange to Din2565,MOC SS316/Viton


Model/Type Available HF-10 & Probe-4 with heated out side filter

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